James 4:11-12 True Faith Does Not Speak Against Another

True Faith Does Not Speak Against One Another James 4:11-12   Speaking against one another, should really hit home for us today, in 2018, with the airwaves, internet, and social media bombarding us with so many speaking against others, which really means to slander another, to defame someone's character, hurt someone's reputation! Did you know [...]

James 4:1-10 It’s a Wrap!

James 4:1-10 Is a Wrap!   How do I Submit and Live for God? We’ve Spent several days, LOOKING at James 4:1-10, 10 verses, to correctly see what God says. Learning how to use the App. Becoming familiar with some of the different skills to help us correctly see what God says. Today, we want to Wrap it up!  Review all we have LEARNED. LIVE it out! Apply it to our lives. Open [...]

 James 4:10 Humble Yourself: The Lord Will Exalt You – Part 11 

Humble Yourself: The Lord Will Exalt You - Part 11  James 4:10 Have I humbled myself in the presence of the Lord?  How has the Lord exalted me?   Yesterday, we saw what is involved in the cleansing that God requires to draw near to Him. Today, we want to check out the end result of humbling [...]