True Faith Does Not Speak Against One Another James 4:11-12


Speaking against one another, should really hit home for us today, in 2018, with the airwaves, internet, and social media bombarding us with so many speaking against others, which really means to slander another, to defame someone’s character, hurt someone’s reputation! Did you know in America, defamation of character is punishable by law!  I am shocked as I watch and hear believer’s, whom God has allowed to be on the world’s stage, proclaim things that are false about others in a very subtle way! I am even more shocked at the lack of discernment in the church, as many  follow, share and repeat the slander! But I can not cast the stone, for the Lord has grabbed me in these 2 mighty verses, convicting me of the times I have spoken against others, making me realize I am just as guilty, horribly guilty. You and I need to ask ourselves why we do this? And realize that what we say about others reflects our character! We might have thought speaking against another was not very serious, but as we go in to look at what God says, we will discover that it is one of the most damaging of all sins!


Last Week, we finished LOOKING at Chapter 4:1-10, about being humble to receive God’s grace.

How did you respond to the Spirit as He spoke to you? 

This WEEK, our journey has us digging in to the next test about speaking against one another

Again with a two-fold objective.  We want to:

1. LOOK at the truths in James to answer the LEARN and LIVE questions.

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The Big Picture of the Book of James

Do you remember the when we first began this journey, we looked at the Big Picture

Perhaps review.


Why Did James Write This Letter?

Check out the Overview in GODcha if you can’t remember.

What was James’ emphasis?


This series of tests that James gives is to:

  • Show us how to live our faith; and
  • Uncover a false faith, and
  • Turn men and women from the error of their ways.


Before We Begin, Let’s Pray

O LORD, we hunger for Your Word of Truth and do desire to understand it in order to live it and know the fullness of blessing and bring You honor in Your Son’s name. Thank you.




Go to the LEARN/LIVE Section

Open the Deeper Discovery

In GODcha:

1. Go to the Discovery Section (rt screen).
2. Scroll past the LOOK Section, to the LEARN/LIVE Section.
3. Tap the  to open. (The arrows open/close.)
4. Scroll to the Deeper Discovery.
5. Tap the  to open.
6. Scroll to the #14 LEARN Question.

After reading the #14 question, what do you see you need to concentrate on to help you stay focused?


Let’s LOOK at What God Says About:

Speaking Against a Brother

Open the LOOK Section

In GODcha:

1. Scroll back up to the LOOK Section.

2. Tap on the to Open.

3. Let the Road Signs help lead you in your discovery.

4. RememberTap anything in in COLOR for directions.


Where is the best place to begin?


Readthe 1st paragraph, verses 1-10, asking the 5W’s and H (whowhat, where, when, why, and how) questions to see what God says.

The only way to learn this critical skill – is to do it. Try it. Give it your best shot and then come back for help. Remember to focus on the nouns and verbs.

How did you do?

Let’s dive in and read together.

But, before we do, what is the CONTEXT?


THINK: In Chapter 4:1-10, James just finished talking about conflicts and humility. And now  . . .



What does James say?

11 Do not WHAT? speak against WHO? one another,

WHO is not to speak against one another?

brethren. (Who are the brethren?)


WHO? He who WHAT? speaks against WHO? a brother


                    WHAT? judges WHO? his brother,

    does WHAT? speaks against WHAT? the law


     WHAT else? judges WHAT? the law;


if WHO? if you WHAT? judge WHAT? the law,

      you are WHAT? 

you are not a doer of the law


      you are WHAT?

you are a judge of it

    of WHAT? (the law).

(What is being contrasted?)

WHAT is there?

12 There is only one WHAT? Lawgiver


WHAT? Judge,

WHO is it?

the One who is WHAT? able to save


     WHAT? to destroy;


WHAT? who are WHO? you who WHAT? judge your WHAT? neighbor?

(What else is being contrasted?)


Fabulous!  Easy as pie, right? You just read 2 verses of God’s holy Word.

Remember, you are developing the most vital skill there is to see God’s Word correctly and handle it accurately! I am so proud of you!


Shall We Call It a Day?

Mull over what we just read. Perhaps read and re-read for clarity, and consider what God has said through James.

Ponder the contrasts, that are signaled with the word ‘but‘.



Did you have questions? Put them in your Notes.  Ask God to answer them. He will!






Let’s Close in Prayer

OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN, we seek to bless You with our praise today! We are so thankful for Your Word that frees us, that cleanses and sanctifies us. May this Word that we just read slowly and with purpose make head way from our heads to our hearts. May we truly ponder and chew on what You are saying to us, about talking against others, judging others. Help us to examine ourselves to see if we are guilty of this. May we examine our hearts, to truly see if this is a habit of our lives. May Your holy Word renew our minds and transform us from the inside out! We ask this in Jesus name. Amen!


Thank you for hanging in there, and being disciplined to discover and learn truth!

Next: we will dive in to examine these 2 verses.

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Janette has started Bible studies everywhere God has moved her—most filling up to over a 100 men, women, young adults and kids. She continues to make disciples and raise up leaders, training and teaching the Word of God.

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