Humble Yourself: God Is Opposed to the Proud – Part 2  James 4:6

Am I proud?

Yesterday, we began to LOOK at the solution to conflict by unfolding verses 6-10.

Do you remember what the fix is? 

Today, we are going to hunker down in verse 6, and take a bite into God being opposed to the proud!

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Let’s Pray

Oh Lord, we pray Your Spirit would instruct us from Your Holy Word today. We pray You, Holy Spirit, would make the Word vivid and real to us. And we ask that You would give us hearts that would desire to please You and obey You as we hear.


LOOK at What God Says

Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday.

What will you do first?


READ God’s Word

Read James Ch 4:6-10, asking the 5W’s and H (whowhat, where, when, why, and howquestions to see what God says.

If you need help, go back to

What is being contrasted?

What are God’s instructions?

What does He begin with and end with?

Now this is very important, who is James addressing?


Okay, let’s just focus on verse 6 and concentrate.


Unlock the Meaning 

What words would be key to this verse?

Let’s check out each key word separately.


GODcha didn’t suggest checking out ‘opposed, but to understand its meaning is an eye opener. It’s just a tap away!




Opposed, antitássō; to set an army in array against, to arrange in battle order.  

Proud, hupereâphanos; appearing above others. Often associated with those who despise, reject, God (. . .Jas 4:6; 1Pe 5:5). Arrogance, pride.

TIP: Remember to take the definition back to the text.

“But He gives a greater graceTherefore it says, “GOD IS OPPOSED [sets an army against; He fights] TO THE PROUD [those who despise, reject, God],”


Hear God

LISTEN…what is the Spirit asking?

Am I proud, despising and rejecting God, my Creator? Why? 

If I am proud, do I realize God is opposed to me? 

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


LOOK at Other Truths about:The Proud

1Do you remember what we learned about the arrogant back in James 3:14?

You might want to review what you LEARNED.


2. Let’s see what else we can learn about the proud?

a. There are 7 things that are an abomination to the Lord. He hates haughty eyes, a proud look. (Pro 6:17)

We see: pride is at the top of the list!


b. Pride and arrogance are connected to the evil way. (Pro 8:13)

c. Everyone who is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord, and will not go unpunished. (Pro 16:5)

d. Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before stumbling. (Pro 16:18)

e. Arrogance leads to strife. (Pro 13:10)


LISTEN…what might the Spirit be asking?

Am I guilty of haughty looks?

Can I recognize when my confidence becomes arrogance? 

How has my arrogance led to strife?

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


You know pride keeps many from bowing the knee to Jesus, and is extremely sinful, because it is a heart that despises and rejects God, being an attitude of independence from God.

3. Let’s take the time to do a Word Search on proud.

If you need help, see the CR-Word Search Tutorial.

Type in ‘proud‘, then try  ‘pride‘, ‘prideful‘, ‘arrogant‘, ‘boast and/or boasting’.


What did you discover?

Let me share my discovery.

Pride is:

A sin (Pro 21:4)

What separated Satan from God (Isa 14)

Woe to those who think they are wise (Isa 5:21)

Proceeds from within and defiles a man (Mar 7:22-23)

Describes the ungodly and unrighteous, worthy of death (Rom 1:18, 29-32)


Those whose hearts become proud:

Forget God (Deu 8:14); (Hos 13:6)

Boast (2Ch 25:19)

Boast in wisdom, might, and riches (Jer 9:23); (Psa 49:6)

Boast of their idols (Psa 97:7) 

Boast about tomorrow (Pro 27:1)

Boast in arrogance, it is evil (Jam 4:16)

Act corruptly (2Ch 26:16)

Evil; wicked (Job 35:12); (Psa 10:2)

Connected to lying lips/falsehood (Psa 31:18; 40:4)

Deride others (Psa 119:51)

Forge a lie against others (Psa 119:69)

Are Shameful (Psa 119:78)

Exalt Self (Jer 48:29)

Behave Arrogantly (Dan 5:20)

Their soul is not right within them (Hab 2:4)

Rebel against the Lord (Zep 3:11)

Pride of life is not from the Father, but is of the world (1Jo 2:16)


LISTEN…what might the Spirit be asking?

If I don’t think I am prideful, perhaps I need to think again?

Has my proud heart separated me from God?

Do I forget about the Lord?  

How have I rebelled against the Lord?

Is my thinking, conversation and life all about me? 

What have I done to exalt myself?

Am I boastful? Do I brag? About what?

How have I acted corruptly? Behaved arrogantly?

What have I lied about, or spoken falsely? 

How can I guard myself against pride?

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


4. According to CONTEXT that rules interpretation, who are the proud that God resists in verses James 4:1-5?

Context of James thus far tells us the proud are those who:

  • Are operating according to the world’s wisdom (arrogant),
  • Are controlled by their pleasures,
  • Love the world,
  • Are God’s enemies, and
  • Disregard what Scripture says.

Now we see: God stands, fights against such ones – those who love the world, who are His enemies.

Understand: James is telling us such ones don’t have genuine faith, but he wants them to know there is a cure, they can have genuine faith.

Understand: the cure is to receive God’s grace.


5. What must the proud do to receive God’s grace?

Humble themselves before the Lord.

We’ll check this out tomorrow!


Let’s Call It A Day!

Meditate on why God is opposed to the proud, and what He will do to such ones!




Now, Record What God has Taught You.

Put your discovery in your Notes. Record the personal things God has touched you with.





Turn What You LEARNED into a Prayer


ALMIGHTY GOD, FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN, thank you for Your Word that is razor sharp. Oh, may we be ever mindful of where we have come from. Fallen creatures, sinners, wretched to the core of our beings, but You sent Your beloved Son to die for us, to save us! May we understand, we have absolutely nothing to be prideful or boastful about! Oh, may You help us to see ourselves today! Help us to see if we are prideful in any way, shape or form. Is our pride causing us to reject You, Father, and You, Lord Jesus? Is our pride preventing us from seeing our sin, or even being willing to admit our sin? Oh Father, I pray that as we see how much You hate pride, and set an army against those who are prideful, that You would open our eyes and ears to receive Your Truth! Help us to confess our pride and turn from our self sufficiency and self glorification to You. May we do this for Your glory and our good. In Jesus name I ask this! Amen!


You did great today! Hang in there, you will be so glad you did.

Next: we will LOOK at God’s grace.

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