Humble Yourself: Cleanse and Purify Yourself – Part 9  James 4:8 

Have I cleansed my hands and purified my heart?

Yesterday, we LOOKED at drawing near to God.

Today, we want to continue along this truth and see what is necessary to draw near to God.

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Let’s Pray

Oh Lord, we come today, wanting to be humble, and draw near to You. Bring to our hearts anything that needs to be confessed to You so we may be with You and hear Your voice. Give us clarity of mind so we will walk away willing to be obedient and live out what You teach us. Thank you!



LOOK at What God Says

What will you do first?

READ God’s Word

Read James 4:6-10 again.

Read verse 8 and focus.

Yesterday we examined who James is addressing in this verse.


Now consider, what one must do to draw near to God?


Let’s check it out!

Unlock the Key Words 

Understand: to draw near to God, who is holy, there is going to have to be a cleansing, a purification. (Psa 24:1-4)

This is key.




Check Out the Meaning

What does ‘cleanse and hands mean?



Cleansekatharízō; purge, purify. To cleanse, free from filth.

The Grammar is the Aorist Imperative Active (aima) This is a command!


Hands, cheír; “work with your own hands”; Acts 15:23; Phile. 1:19; Heb. 12:12; James 4:8;

Understand: Hands symbolize what we do, our actions and behavior.


We see: James is addressing sinners, those who miss the mark, whose behavior is sinful and wicked. And in order to draw near, to approach a holy God, they must be cleansed.

Let’s LOOK at Other Truths about:


1Why does a sinner need to be cleansed?

a. One’s iniquities, their sins, separate them from God, so much so He doesn’t hear sinners. (Isa 59:2)

Remember God gives grace to the humble. And we are learning how to be humble to tap into that grace, so we won’t be separated from God.


b. Jesus spoke to the Pharisees, calling them hypocrites, whitewashed tombs, because they appeared clean on the outside but they were dead and unclean on the inside. (Mat 23:25-28)

Understand: sin makes us unfit and unclean to draw near to God.

LISTEN…what might the Spirit be asking?

Are my sins separating me from God?

Do I look clean on the outside, but am unclean on the inside?

Am I aware of my sinfulness?

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


c. Wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight; stop doing wrong. (Isa 1:16)

LISTEN…what might the Spirit be asking?

Do I know what God consider’s right and wrong? 

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


d. Paul called the Corinthians to cleanse themselves from all defilement, perfecting holiness (being set apart) in the fear of God. (2Co 7:1)

LISTEN…what might the Spirit be asking?

Do I want to be cleansed?

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


2How are sinners cleansed?

The blood of Jesus cleanses sinners. (1Jo 1:7)

Sinners who want to approach God must recognize and confess their sin to Him, and He is faithful and righteous to forgive them their sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (1Jo 1:9)


3. What are sinners who become the righteousness of God called?

They are called saints (holy, sanctified, set apart). (1Co 1:2)


4.  How do saints remain cleansed?

Now, there is a daily cleansing by the washing of the water of the Word .(Eph 5:25-26)


THINK: Don’t you bathe and shower daily to be clean? Why wouldn’t we bathe daily to remain spiritually clean?

THINK: How does the sinner, who has been separated from God, operating according to the world, understand what God’s heart is? What His will and ways are? What is right and wrong in His eyes?

Understand: God’s Word is our soap and scrub brush. The water of God’s Word pours over us, washing  us as it exposes sinful thoughts and behavior.  Through confession, we are cleansed!

LISTEN…what might the Spirit be asking?

Am I quick to confess my sin to the Lord to be cleansed from all unrighteousness? 

Am I a now a saint, who is keenly aware of my sinfulness?

Am I meeting with the Lord daily, to let Him speak to me and cleanse me by the washing of the water of the Word? 

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


Let’s scope out a few moreKey Words!

Check Out the Meaning

What does ‘purify and double-minded‘ mean?



Purify, hagnízō; to make clean, sanctify, purify.

Grammar: The Aorist Imperative Active (aima). This is a command!


Heartskardía; The seat and center of human life. In the NT, used only figuratively. (I) As the seat of the desires, feelings, affections, passions, impulses, i.e., the heart or mind. (II) As the seat of the intellect meaning the mind, understanding. (III) In the NT the heart represents especially the sphere of God’s influence in the human life. It is in the heart that the natural knowledge of God has its seat.


Double-mindeddípsuchos; unstable person (James 4:8). Such a person suffers from divided loyalties; divided heart.


LOOK at Other Truths About:

Hearts, Purify and Double-minded

a. It is out of the heart that evil thoughts come. (Mar 7:20-23)

 Do you remember seeing this earlier in our discovery? The things that come out of the mouth, reflect the heart? (Mat 15:18)


b. Our hearts are deceitful and wicked. (Jer 17:9)


c. Our hearts cannot be double-minded: Either our hearts are wholly devoted to the Lord God, or they are not. (1Ki 8:61; 15:3, 14)

Do you remember what you LEARNED about being double-minded back in (Jam 1:8; 3:12; 4:4)?


d. We have seen this, and know we cannot serve 2 masters. (Mat 6:24)


e. Those with genuine faith have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus, and received a new heart and new spirit within that cause them to walk in obedience. (Eze 36:25-27)


f. Since you have in obedience to the truth purified your souls for a sincere love of the brethrenfervently love one another from the heart. (1Pe 1:22)


g. And everyone who has this hope fixed on Him purifies himselfjust as He is pure.(1Jo 3:3)

LISTEN…what might the Spirit be asking?

Am I double-minded? Do I have a divided heart, not wholly devoted to the LORD?

Or, have I obeyed truth and by grace through faith received God’s righteousness, a new heart and the Spirit within?

Do I have a love for the brethren?

Am I wholly devoted to the LORD?

Because my hope, my future, is with Christ, is the habit of my life to be pure?

What am I doing to be obedient and purify myself?

Respond to God…LIVE it out!

Let’s Call it a Day!

Meditate on your relationship with God!

How has He stirred your heart about being cleansed and purified to draw near to Him?




NOTE and SAVE What God Has Taught You!

You can’t remember everything, so highlight key points and details that might otherwise slip your mind. Then you can go back and review any time. Besides, you never know when God will have you share these vital Truths to others!  Get them under your belt!






Turn What We LEARNED into a Prayer 

DEAR FATHER GOD, our Almighty Creator! We see James called sinners to humble themselves before You to receive Your grace. We see that in order to draw near to You we, who were born sinners, must be cleansed and purified. And we know that it is only the blood of Jesus that can cleanse any of us from our sin. Father, I ask that all of us on this journey either have been willing, or will do so now, that we all will acknowledge and confess our sin to You. Knowing that when we do, You are faithful to cleanse us of all unrighteousness and forgive us of our sins. Oh Father, thank you, that You can and do change sinners. That You have changed our hearts, giving us new hearts and Your Spirit, and we love You. That we long to be with You, to know Your, to hear You, to draw near to You! We are ever so grateful, and we offer You our thanks in the name of our Lord Jesus. Amen!


You all are doing fantastic! Isn’t it wonderful to hear from God, to understand His will and ways? Keep pressing forward!

Next: we will LOOK at verse 9

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