Living Faith Part 1 James 2:21-26


The Last 2 Weeks, we have LOOKED at Dead Faith, including Demonic Faith.

Today, let’s switch gears with James and LOOK at Living Faith.

Open GODcha to the Book of James.

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Before We Begin, Let’s Pray

O Lord, as we begin today show us our hearts, show us if there be anything that would hinder us from hearing You speak to us. May we deal with what You show us, and then would You quiet our hearts to listen carefully to Your instruction and teaching.


LOOK at What God Says

Let GODcha point the way.

Open GODcha’s LOOK Segment >

What’s your starting point?

READ God’s Word

Read James 2:21-26, asking the 5W’s and H to put you in context.

Please try it on your own.

Be willing to train yourself to read with purpose.

Let God’s Word sink down deep into your hearts.


How did you do?

Let’s read together.

21  What illustration does James give to make his point?

Was not WHO?


HOW is Abraham described?

our father

Was not Abraham WHAT?


 justified HOW?

by works

justified WHEN? (this is what we call a ‘time phrase’ – when did, does, or will something happen?)

justified WHEN he did WHAT?

when he offered up

offered up WHO?

Isaac his son

offered up his son WHERE?

on the altar?


WHO? You (the brethren) 

you WHAT?


see WHAT?

that faith

see faith was WHAT? 

that faith was working

HOW was faith working?

With WHAT?

faith was working with his (Abraham’s) works,

(THINK: what were his works?)


as WHAT? 

as a result

 result of WHAT?

of the works,

WHAT happened?

faith was perfected;

23 and

WHAT else happened?

 the Scripture

was WHAT?

was fulfilled

Which SAYS WHAT?  

the Scripture says

And WHO?





WHAT did believing God do? 

IT (his belief) WAS WHAT?

RECKONED (count, consider, regard) TO HIM (Abraham)

reckoned as WHAT?


and WHO, 

and he (Abraham)


was called

called WHAT?

the friend

of WHO?

of God.

24 You WHAT?

You see

WHAT do you see as you LOOK at Abraham?

see that WHO? that a man

see that a man is WHAT? is justified

see HOW a man is justified? by works


NOT justified HOW?

not by faith alone.

(Do you remember v17? Faith by ‘itself’ is dead!)

25 WHAT is the next illustration James gives to make his point?


in the same way,

was not WHO?

was not Rahab

WHAT was she?

the harlot

(Do you see the contrast of Abraham their father, with Rahab the harlot?)

Rahab, the harlot, also was WHAT?

also was justified

       HOW was Rahab justified?

by works

WHEN was Rahab justified? (another ‘time’ phrase – ‘when’)

WHAT were her works? 

when she received

   received WHO? the messengers



sent them out by another way?

26 WHAT is the last illustration James gives to make his point?

For just as


the body

the body without the WHAT?

without the spirit

is WHAT?

is dead,

so also



faith without WHAT?

  without works

is WHAT?

is dead.

(What is being compared?)

Did you want to hold up your hand and scream, “Stop right there!

Didn’t we just establish that a person is saved by grace through faith?”

Yes, we did.

So what is James saying?

Well tomorrow we will dissect this apart, and see what God is saying through James and what He means.


Let’s Call It a Day!

Meditate all day long on what you just read.

A wise man will hear and increase in learning, And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel,” (Pro 1:5)


Don’t Forget to Journal Your Time with God

Perhaps note the Subject: Living Faith, and the the 3 illustrations that James is giving – Abraham, Rahab and the Body.

Perhaps a new note for each illustration, and as we dig deeper, you can always come back and add later.

3 short, sweet points, you will remember.

Video Tutorial>  Notes Tutorial >


Turn What You LEARNED into a Prayer

HEAVENLY FATHER, we do so love You and Your Word. We thank you that You loved us enough to provide the way for us to have a living faith! Oh, thank you for Your messenger James and his heart and passion to help us understand this living faith and how to live it. May we truly meditate, think deeply, on all we have read today. We are a forgetful people, so perhaps You would give us the time and stir our hearts to read these passages over and over, training ourselves to slow down and think, to help us remember and be able to call these Truths to mind. Thank You so much! We ask these things in Jesus name. Amen!


I thank you for continuing on this journey in James. 

I praise God for your hearts that are hungry and willing to spend time with your Lord in His Word.

I pray the Lord is causing you to hunger and thirst more for His Bread, that is the only food that can give life and nourish our souls.

I am praying for each one of you, wanting to encourage you stay the course, knowing as you do, God will bring drastic results upon your hearts and minds.


Next: We will LOOK @ Abraham’s Faith.

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